Our Favorite NonProfits

Started by Doc Hendley, a bartender, to provide clean drinking water to people in need all over the world.  Doc was recognized as a CNN Hero in 2009.


Approximately 2000 years ago, Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water into wine for a wedding in the land of Cana.  In many ways, this was a gift of service to those in celebration.  In the following of this example, Wine To Water feels called to the gift of service by using wine to provide water to those in need.  We believe each one of us has an opportunity to help our fellow man in a simple yet profound way, give them water. 


In addition Wine To Water is passionate about community.  Maybe it’s just us, but sharing some great wine with those we enjoy seems like a pretty good way to help someone in need.  Each bottle of Wine To Water wine sold provides clean water to someone in need for a year.  So, we hope that you will raise a glass and cheers in the spirit of service and community!


In fact, by the generosity of our supporters, and their dedication to serve others has resulted in over 400,000 people in 24 countries receiving clean water.  To us, this is the overlapping and compounding ripple effect from a drop in the bucket efforts that happen every day all over the world by those who care enough to take a step for the sake of others.


As a result of this movement, over the years we have seen relationships built between people who would have otherwise not spoken to each other.  We have seen lives saved and communities changed.  We have seen neighbors come together in response to a crisis.  We have seen children able to go to school who were once too sick to do so.  We have seen people able to make investments in agriculture and work where they once had to buy water or expensive medicines.  The scenarios go on and on.  The bottom line, water is life. 


Currently, Wine To Water has projects going on in Cambodia , Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nepal,  the Amazon - Peru, Columbia and Brazil, and East Africa - Uganda, Kenya, the DRC and Ethiopia.  Your support and participation is critical and much appreciated as we spread the love and reach many on your behalf!


We are proud to share the results of our efforts this last year.  Click here to see our annual report for 2015-2016.