Our Solutions



We work with our clients to determine what the primary cause of the lack of desired performance is and then help them develop a plan to address it.  Some times it is a performance issue, some times it is a training issue, some times it is a system issue and some times it is a lack of supervision.






Training Development

We develop curriculum for training using "ADDIE" and "SAM". Our team consults with management to ensure that training is the appropriate intervention. Our experience has shown that other interventions are often needed because supervisors and managers some times misinterpret behaviors of their employees.


Classroom Training

We look at your desired training situation and determine whether instructor led or online training is the best option.  Based on our analysis we create the training materials for use (Instructor Guides, PowerPoint presentations, Participants Workbooks, etc.).  If the training is online we creaet the website and related materials to make the training interactive.


Train the Trainer (T4T)

We develop easy to use lesson plans for trainers and provide documentation for trainers and workbooks for participants.